6 March 2020

6 Ideas for Leisure Time Spending: Get Rid of Routine!

If you think about your daily schedule, you will see that many things are out of your daily routine - a journey that you once took spontaneously is no longer there.

Try to remember all the unusual things that have enriched your life. The routine at work or in your relationship can make each new day merge with the previous one. Try to bring a spark into your everyday living, to be less bored at work, because life is short and flies by very quickly.

In this article, you will find some tips on how to get out of the routine and make your leisure time more enjoyable. There are so many things you can do or learn to do! How to code, how to write in Arabic, how to review a movie, how to ski or swim... The list is basically endless.

So start today by following some of our basic tips on how to get rid of routine.

leisure time
Photo credit: Drew Coffman-unsplash

Spend More Time Outdoors

It is hard to be in good shape when you breathe conditioned air all day long and work under artificial lighting. Determined people find ways to be in touch with nature, where your strength and energy are replenished.

Nothing is stopping you from doing the same: go out on a picnic with your family, have a road trip to the countryside, or move your workplace into the garden if you work remotely.

There are plenty of opportunities - all you need is the desire to realize them.

Take a Real Vacation 

Traveling is among the top of the most popular hobbies because it offers many marvelous and unforgettable experiences. Many people have a desire to see the world, experience something new.

Here is a random pick for your real vacation - meaning no work included.

Explore Barcelona, a great Spanish city. It attracts tourists with Antoni Gaudi's unique architecture, superb beaches, and incredibly delicious cuisine.

Or visit the village of Galstat, a little paradise located in Austria. Lovers of tranquil, wild nature - you will love this place.

No matter which destination you choose - the most important part is getting rid of everyday worries and getting positive emotions.

Do Some Sports or Stark Taking Long Walks 

The importance of physical activity can hardly be overstated. It increases one's creativity, self-confidence, and emotional resilience, both at work and regarding personal matters.

Joining a sports team is a great way to meet new people and make new friends. If you don't have any particular sport in mind, try volleyball. It is a relatively easy sport for a beginner.

It does not matter if you do it in the gym, choose yoga studio, or start taking regular walks in the park. Decide what might be interesting for you and start your training as a hobby.

 If you want to be efficient at work for eight hours, you should spend some free time on your body.

Master a Musical Instrument 

If you cannot live without music, then your free time is a great opportunity to learn how to play a musical instrument and start making songs yourself.

Look for music schools or instrument training courses near you. Or just try finding a tutor willing to teach you this art for a much lower fee and in a pleasant company.

Even if you don't think you have the talent to learn musical instruments, don't despair and don't give up the idea. Persistence and a good teacher will help you reach new heights.

Learn to Cook 

Food plays a big role in anyone's life. It is not surprising that cooking has become a very popular hobby around the world.

For many people preparing meals equals routine. Yet, some get more creative about this process. Cooking a delicious dish is a real art.

Learn how to cook dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy. This way, you will achieve a double effect!

Mess Around 

This particular point may sound weird, but why not let it a try?

People are free to decide what to do and how to spend their free time. Many of us spend too much time at work, which affects health and the rhythm of life in general.

The human body needs time to recover from physical or mental stress. Therefore, allow yourself to relax, enjoy the feeling of full physical and mental relaxation. Try not to think about anything. Remember that a state of complete carelessness has a therapeutic effect.

Photo credit: David-Vilches-unsplash

Final Words 

No matter where we work or in which positions - stress accompanies us everywhere, affecting our well-being and productivity.

Successful people understand this and use their free time for healthy rest, paying attention to themselves and their bodies. It can be anything: any activity that helps you distract and relax. Use your time wisely; fill it with positive energy, enough sleep, and new experiences.

13 November 2018

How To Welcome In The New Year In Dubai: New Year’s Eve 2018/19

Dubai is the ultimate New Year’s Eve destination. But with boundless glamour and dozens of incredible events on every year, the question of how to welcome in the new year in this dazzling UAE city is more complex than you might imagine. That’s why this year we have made it easier for you, by shortlisting five fabulous ways to spend New Year’s Eve. Dubai has it all, so whether you’re looking for somewhere to catch fantastic fireworks on your yachting tour of the Middle East - yacht ownership being very popular in this region - whether you want to dance the night away in opulent surroundings, or whether you need something suitable for the whole family, we have the perfect Dubai New Year for you.

Dubai New Year’s Eve 2018/2019

The beach bonanza

Could there be a more gorgeous location to welcome in 2019 than on the Persian Gulf, with Dubai's spectacular New Year's Eve fireworks in full view? And this year the Atlantis Royal Gala promises a truly exceptional evening, kicking off at 7.30pm and serving up free-flowing champagne and a luxury buffet offering everything from opulent lobster and caviar to more child-friendly options.

For those who do wish to bring their little ones, under-12s have their own Under the Sea area complete with a bouncy castle, outdoor cinema and live entertainment. However, those who wish to dance the night away will delight at the 3am closing time and 30-piece live band. And all this with incredible views of The Palm, the famous skyline and the spectacular fireworks. Dress fancy and expect only the best from this Dubai New Year party.

The big family celebration

If you want to enjoy the fireworks in a more private atmosphere where you can get the whole family together, look no further than Amwaj Al Bahar's evening yacht cruises. Boarding from several different points around the city, these nautical nights promise an indulgent buffet-style dinner and dessert as well as panoramic views of the city’s pyrotechnic display.

With the boat returning at 3am, very young children may get tired and wish to go to bed before the boat comes to harbour. However, older kids will delight in the opportunity to stay up late, and with an onboard DJ and multiple levels including a sky deck and opulent lounge areas, you certainly won’t be left wanting for things to do.

The wild one

In Dubai, New Year’s Eve is the time to go big. And for party animals, there is nowhere better than Zero Gravity, offering beachy vibes alongside performances from feel-good artists Rudimental and Sigala. Dance until dawn at this swish beach club, which for the New Year’s celebrations will be transformed to host a lively carnival, complete with a helter skelter, rides and edible bubbles - everything you need for a wild night. When the live music is over, keep the party going in the silent rave.

The foodie fun

If amazing food is what makes your evening special, Dubai institution At.mosphere is the place for you. With a menu created especially for the ultimate New Year’s Eve experience and awe-inspiring views over the UAE’s largest city, it’s both a taste and visual delight. The ‘brunch’ features gastronomic feats such as stuffed lamb saddle and smoked salmon gratin dauphinois.  
The atmosphere is fantastic wherever you sit, with ambient music and glamorous decor. However, book in advance for a private dining experience and be prepared to experience the very finest that Dubai New Year has to offer.

The desert delight

Looking for somewhere a bit more unusual to celebrate in Dubai? New Year’s Eve in the desert is certainly outside the ordinary! With Desert Safari, you can enjoy festivities such as a lavish barbeque, live music, henna painting and fireworks all from this extraordinary location.

With pick up/drop off spots all over Dubai, the desert has never been more accessible. What could be better than let your hair down with a traditional belly dance show, unlimited alcohol and shisha, before feasting on cake? And with a sunset photography opportunity on a camel, it’ll be a New Year’s you’ll never forget.

18 October 2018

Discover The Best Schools In St Tropez & The South of France

With over 300 days of sunshine every year and beautiful scenery to boot, there is no denying that the French Riviera is an appealing place to live, offering an excellent environment in which to raise a family. If you’re looking to relocate to Saint Tropez or the Cote d’Azur with a family, then it’s likely that finding a villa near schools is high on your priority list. However, with so many different types of schools in St Tropez and the surrounding area, you’ll need to consider your scholastic preferences before you start even thinking about where you’ll live. The first step is to decide whether you are looking for a fully French, bilingual or international/English-speaking school - here are the best.

French Schools in St Tropez

If you opt for a French public primary school, you will need to register your child with a ‘Mairie’. You will generally be allocated to the school that is closest to your home.
There are very few private French schools in St Tropez, however one excellent option is Ecole Sainte-Anne, a Catholic school situated in the heart of the village. Offering first-class pastoral care for students, this St-Tropez school is known for taking a significant number of international students every year. To register your child, simply make an appointment with the Headmistress.

Bilingual Schools on the French Riviera

You may decide that a bilingual education is more appropriate for your child. Bear in mind that this can be a challenging option, as the children are essentially required to cover two curricula at the same time. However, the benefits of being bilingual are often seen as outweighing the initial difficulty.
A fantastic option for bilingual education is the ASEICA network, however you will need to look outside of the schools in St Tropez.
At primary level, there are two schools which offer international streams in English and German within the French state network; Sartoux (Valbonne, Sophia Antipolis) and Trois Collines (Mougins).
At secondary level, over 940 students follow the English and Humanitarian programmes in the four ASEICA colleges around Sophia Antipolis. From there students then can go through to complete the Baccalaureate at the Centre International De Valbonne, which offers an even greater choice of language options including Italian, Arabic and Mandarin.

The ASEICA schools have a strict admissions policy and there is understandably a high demand for places. There is no guarantee that even fully bilingual children will be offered a place, but it is certainly worth applying if you feel this is the right option for your kids.

International/English-Speaking Schools in the South of France

It may be the case that a fully English education is preferable, especially if you are relocating from an English-speaking country and your child has already reached a significant stage in their schooling.
Some of the best international schools on the French Riviera include Mougins School and the International School of Nice. Located in a beautiful area of the Cote d’Azur, Mougins welcomes children from 3 years up to 18 years old. The school has a diverse community of nationalities and a warm, welcoming atmosphere, teaching the British curriculum adapted to international students. The International School of Nice is also a great option for kids with a creative flair, conveniently located for both Nice and Monaco. It offers an international education for children 4–18 with a strong focus on the performing arts.
Again spaces for these schools can be competitive, but there are plenty of other great international facilities in the South of France, some not far from Saint-Tropez.

If you are looking for the next holiday destination with your children and you are not willing to stay on the Riviera, we recommend the Balearics. What can we better than a boat charter? Mallorca, Ibiza, and Menorca have so much to offer..

There are many excellent schools in St Tropez and the surrounding area, and whichever area you choose to settle down in you will be able to find a good school for your children. However, we hope this list has helped you narrow down your list by identifying the best. Happy schooling!